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Coworking Spaces in USA


Solutions Provided by SpaceN Workspaces.

Spacen Workspace Virtual Office is a one-stop solution for your business/GST registration and Your Business presence in one city as well as in multiple cities.

Flexible Office Space.

Coworking spaces and Serviced office space in India, Singapore(Coming soon) and US(Coming soon).

Virtual offices

Virtual office space in Many countries.

Business Registration Servies

Let us help you creating a truly Gobal company, We will help you create local presence in various countries.

What People Are Saying.

Our Customer’s command us for our services, Most of our business come through referrals, Once you use one of our service, you would surely use our other services or refer your loved one’s. See what customers says about us.

SpaceN Solved my virtual office problem quickly, I needed VO in Connaught Place; myhq, instaspace was not responding properly, SpaceN follow through professionally and I got all document the next day. Since then I have used their virtual office services in Bangalore and Mumbai.
Though Virtual Office is a simple product but it has its complexities, I purchased it from other operator but they failed to provide me with documents even after 7 days, I had to move out of India for a few months, I contacted SpaceN and they promised to provide me all documents within 1 day and they did it. Not only this, I get a number of mails every month and get notified immediately, I vouch for them, they will deliver what they say or they will let you know upfront.
I bought Virtual office from them in Bangalore, I bought a Private Cabin from them in Delhi, I bought another Virtual office from them in Hyderabad; What I love most is that you pay them and then forget it, you will get what you are promised, you don’t have to call them and keep asking. Its like checkout on e-commerce, you pay for a product and it gets delivered the next day, I am happy :)

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